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Friday, March 15

Get Farm Worker Visa of Canada:


Farm Worker Jobs in Canada:

Only professional farmers are allowed to get farm worker visa of Canada.
Nature of work is gardening, cultivation, growing and caring plants. If you are interested to go Canada on Farm Worker Visa then best advice for you is that you should personally visit Canada and meet the farm owners for this visa. If you get satisfied the farm owner by your test work and interview then he may offer you the farm worker visa. Please don’t pay high visa charges to the agents. You just need to visit Canada on visit visa. During your stay in Canada, you can find farm worker job there easily.

Farm Worker’s Visa of Canada:

Canada is an agricultural country with the large area of land. People of Canada prefer to hire workers for working in farms from outside the Canada. These farm visas are normally free of cost but agents receive in millions from the interested candidates. For applying farm visa of Canada, the candidate must have job offer letter from any farm owner in Canada. If you have job offer letter then the chances of acquiring visa will become more easy and fast.

If you are interested to go Canada as a farm worker then you should not deal with agents. Instead of this you should go to the Canada on visit visa and get job offer letter from any farm owner. For this purpose, you may have some bonds with your friends in Canada. With reference of your friends and other known people you will be able to get job offer letter from any farm owner easily.

Farm worker have to work in fields, gardens and farm houses. Farm working is a seasonal work. You will be free for 3 to 4 months in a year. So you can utilize this spare time in another job. In this way you may earn lot.

If you hire an agent to do the visa process for you then you should not pay high amount to him because it is not complicated process. You should learn step by step and all of the work will be done by you. For this purpose you will come to know about the requirements for visa process i.e. qualification required, visa fee needed, visa office address, when to apply, passport, age limit, bank statement and answers of questions in interview etc.

When you will have completed your whole documents then you will go to visa office for submitting them. At the time of interview, visa officer, may ask you some important questions and you have to prepare the answers of these questions in advance i.e. why are you interested to go Canada?, who is your employer?, where did you meet the employer?, how much the salary will be?, maximum limit of job offer letter, living expenses and many other related questions. You have to satisfy the visa officer about the purpose of your travel to Canada. Your sole purpose will be limited to the job mentioned in the offer letter. Moreover, you will assure that you will come back after the completion of your visa. In addition to this you will abide by the law of land. Contradiction in the answers of questions may get your visa refusal. Concealment of facts will move you towards rejection. No agent can help you at the time of interview. At the time of interview, you will be alone. So you should be well prepared the answers of expected questions. Experienced agents may get you prepared for interview and get ready your whole documents for onward submission.

Minimum 12 years qualification is required for farms workers visa from any recognized educational institute. In addition to this, you must have some experience of gardening, growing plants and harvesting crops. You are not required to have a diploma or certificate but you have some knowledge about plants, seeds, crops, fertilizers and timing of growing etc.

The average farm worker’s salary in Canada is $11.60 per hour and $92.80per day. In this way a farm worker will earn $2784 per month. If the worker does work for overtime then his monthly income will increase accordingly. Farm owners normally provide the free living and other facilities. So we can say that farming is the best job in Canada because the farm workers may earn and save lot of money.


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