How to Get a Job in the USA
Thursday, June 6

How to Get a Job in the USA


Are you planning to move to America? That sounds good! There may be so many reasons to shift to a new country. Maybe you want to raise the standard of living, grab a better pay scale or improve your status.Other than this, some people love to explore the country to cherish a new culture over there.

But in order to pursue with your dream to live in the USA, either you have to apply for student visa or work visa. It means if you don’t have any plan to study over there, it is first important to get a job offer from this country. The process may not be that easy; especially if you are making efforts in this direction for the first time.

Below we have listed a few trustworthy tips to make this task easier for you:

  • Tip 1: Choose right visa The very first task one need to do is select most appropriate visa option. H-1B visa is best choice for all those who wish to live in the USA for indefinite time. This option is suitable for workers with specialized skills in a particular field. H-2A visa is available for those who want to move on temporary basis for agricultural work or seasonal farm work. Other than this, H-2B visa is for unskilled or temporary workers applying for non-agricultural position. And L1 for intracompany transfers to the same company in the America.
  • Tip 2: Check your professional background In the US, visa is given to candidates that have some advanced professional qualifications; however, facilities are not equally available for all types of degrees. For instance, United States is always looking for doctors; but the Indian medical degree is not acceptable over there. You may have to qualify an additional exam to begin practice in the US.
  • Tip 3: Find an Employee willing to sponsorIn order to get your visa fast, you can also find an employer who is willing to sponsor you. The best idea is to develop contact with industries that are currently looking for labor and they can help you process your application with ease. Some of the best recommendations as per today’s scenario are manufacturing, telecommunications, media, technology, business services and financial sector.
  • Tip 4: Establish network with American workers It is not that easier to get a job in the United States. One may first need to qualify an interview with the employer. To raise your chances of success, you should connect to the existing workers in the same company. They can help you understand the skill requirements and expectations. You can start establishing connection through LinkedIn.
  • Tip 5: Mark the dates All visas have specific deadline for processing the application. For example, H-1B selection starts from 1st April every year. It is important to check the specific dates for the type of application you are applying. It will help you to meet the deadlines without missing the opportunity.
    Moving to United States may be an expensive decision so it is good to start saving ahead of time to make your move flexible and trouble free.

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