Rubber Engineer/Saudi Arabia - Daily Jobs Update
Friday, March 15

Rubber Engineer/Saudi Arabia


About the Job:
Global Rubber Factory is looking for a Full-time Rubber Engineer who will be responsible for rubber formulation, production and quality control.


Evaluate and improve on processes in manufacturing systems.
Maintain reliable and safe manufacturing systems while improving production rates, efficiencies, yields, costs, and changeovers.
Develop innovative solutions.
Improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards.
Perform shrinkage and strength testing for the products.
Collect, record, and transcribe data.
Provide technical reports.
Maintain testing equipment.
Develop and implement systems that optimize all phases of the production process.
Ensure projects are completed on time.
Supervising production processes and quality and laborite.
Inspection final product.
Organize labor workflow.
Making report and documentation for production.
Train the labors.
Making formulation as production need and quality requirement.
Looking for Rubber technology and new products.
Maintain rubber hardness.

5 years minimum experience in rubber filed.
Knowledge of English.
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