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Thursday, June 6

Student/work Visa for Australia


Australia is one of the most favorite destinations for students who want to study abroad. Australian government is paying very important role for the betterment of educational methods and to make it world class education. They are spending money to give next generations a high quality education. Students who want to study in Australia need to get a student visa. Student visa is a stay permit for students to stay in Australia until their course is completed. It is a kind of temporary residence permit that varies from course to course.

Australian government allows students who have been enrolled in any Australian institute to enter in Australia for the minimum of 3 months. During three months student can apply for visa extension according to course requirements. Student has to provide all proof that he/she can bear al the expenses of his/her studies, residence and heath issues. Student also has to pass medical test to get visa. Students who have any contagious disease cannot enter in country for any purpose.

Student is also need to provide a character certificate issued by his/her previous local institute.
Good English is a main criterion that students have to pass to get student visa for Australia. Student has to be proficient in speaking, reading and writing English. Student has to pass a test named IELTS if English is second language. Student must take professional advice from any professional consultant or agent. They deal with such cases on daily basis so they guide you very easily and perfectly. After getting visa student have to follow all the rules and regulations that are implemented by Australian government. Student visa can be cancelled if he/she will not follow the rules.
Below are some rules for students set by Australian government:
Students are not allowed to work for more than 20 hours per week.
Students cannot change their school, college or university before the first year of their studies.
If any student changes his/her residence then he/she must submit new residence address immediately within the first week to their school, college/ university and immigration office.
Student is also allowed to visit many other countries within the visa expiry limit. Limited countries are mentioned in visa details that students can visit.
Students are not allowed to stay in Australia when visa is expired. You have to apply for visa renewal before expiry date to make your stay prolong in Australia.
Student visa demand for Australia is very high these days. Australian government is working really hard to make this process as transparent as possible for students. It is advised to consult a professional before you apply for student visa to study in Australia.