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Wednesday, June 5

Work Visas for Canada


All the Different Work Visas for Canada
In recent times, Canada has made rapid economic advancements and social developments due to which expatriates like to settle in this country. However, it is very important to understand the work visa requirements of Canada before one can settle here. The country has a well laid-out visa policy for foreigners and one should understand them before applying for a visa. The different Canadian visa programs are as follows.
Canada LMIA Based Visa – This visa process does not need a point system or any other type of qualification. An employment contract or an offer of employment from a Canadian company can be enough to get this kind of visa. However, a positive LMIA score from ESDC may also be needed for the purpose.
Student Permit – A student can earn and learn at the same time in Canada due to many convenient programs that are offered by the country. A student is eligible to work in both on-campus and off-campus jobs provided there is a suitable visa for it.
Working in Canada Without the LMIA Visa – An alternative to the LMIA route is the Express Entry System that is point-based and is open to three types of visa applicants.

1) Federal Skilled Workers – They are elected based upon their skill to contribute to the Canadian cause and some of the assessment criteria include work experience, education, French /English language skills and any other accompanying factor.This category can be further divided into three parts.

Federal Skilled Workers Program – People with professional and skilled work experience can apply through it.
Federal Skilled Trades Program – People with experience in professional manual work can apply through it.
Canadian Experience Class – People having professional experience in the field within Canada can apply through it.

2) Trade Skilled Workers – This program is for those qualified manual workers who want to settle in Canada after receiving an offer of employment. The government approves 3000 applications each year in this category.

3) Live in Caregivers – A person can apply in this category through the following ways:

Caring for Children Pathway – It is applicable for people who have provided caregiving facilities as child care within a home.
Live-in caregiver Program – This program can be availed by people who are already there in Canada on a Live-in Caregiver Program work permit and caregiver’s who have been approved for it.
Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathway – This permanent visa category applies to those people who have provided care to elderlies, patients with chronic diseases or disabilities, either in a home or hospital.
These are the different work visas that are available for residing permanently in the country. A person can go through them and decide on a visa that can suit him accordingly.


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