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Wednesday, June 5

Canada Driving Jobs


Canada has huge industrial network in different zones of the country and has many international companies, offices, institutions, commercial units, banks and other organization as well as native and international residents. All these require transports in the form of light vehicles or heavy vehicles to shifting goods, luggage and people from one place to another destination. Canada has different jobs for both light vehicles and heavy vehicles drivers. Canada office, hospitals, hotels, and public demands light vehicles drivers while industries, companies, educational institutes and public transportation needs heavy vehicles drivers for buses, trucks, trailers, tankers and other heavy machines operating. Hotels demand light vehicles drivers for picks and drop of the guests from airports to hotels and other touring places. The hospitals also require light vehicles drivers for ambulance service and official pick and drops. Similarly, personal drivers are also demanded by the residents of this country for personal service. The other organization like courier services, fast foods, beverages and commercial agencies also hire light and heavy vehicles drivers for different purposes. Canadian driving jobs must demand valid driving license of relevant vehicles and experience.

The major responsibilities of both drivers are to transport things and passengers from one place to another desired destination. In Canada, there are different types of driving jobs like taxi drivers, personal drivers, truck drivers, buses driver, commercial organization drivers, etc. All these drivers drive different types of vehicles, but aim is the same as shifting material or passengers. The heavy vehicles drivers just as trucks, trailers and tankers drivers transport goods, products and oil to others part of the city or country. The bus drivers perform specific duties like shifting passengers from one zone of the city to other part of the city. Similarly buses drivers also provide pick and drop facility to school kids. The taxi drivers also carry passengers, visitors and tourists from one place to another area of the city. This service is available round the clock and it is more demanded driving jobs in Canada. It is responsibility of the drivers that they must help in loading and unloading the luggage of the passengers.

Qualification and experience
In Canada different categories driver jobs demand different experience just as taxi drivers must have valid light vehicles class 1, 2 or 4 driving license and at least one to two years experience. The shuttle driver provides traveling facility to hotels gusts from airport to hotels and other destination. Canada drivers must know the highways and famous destination of the city. The heavy vehicles driver must have valid heavy vehicles class “G” driving license or higher driver license. Canada drivers must be healthy, strong and can handle luggage easily. It is also necessary for both categories of drivers that they have no criminal record and have good awareness of main destination in Canada.

How to apply
Canada drivers job are usually advertised in leading news papers and also announced in jobs providing website. These lights and heavy driver jobs can also be applied from online website through provided application format that demands personal information and professional details. Drivers from other parts of the world can also apply through postal service or courier service along with valid driving license in specify driving category.

Salary and other facilities
Canada driving jobs are divided in different categories and all have different salary packages. However, the light vehicles drivers like taxi driver earn about C$5,000 per month, but shuttle driver draws about C$14.50 an hour. The bus drivers earn about C$17.01 per hour, while trucks drivers earn C$20.63 per hour and tankers drivers salary is about C$25.60 per hour. The personal driver salary is adjusted with mutual understanding.


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